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Philippine Garbage Dump

The PURPOSE of the Moriel Mission is to obey the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to evangelize people around the dump site area and to other communities. To see them saved and to educate people from the word of God for right faith and practice.

Programs and Activities

We focus first on the children who need much care, as the Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 19:14 & Matthew 14:16.We gathered the scavenging children from the rubbish dumps to teach them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and gave them food to eat. The number of children have reached to more than 70, who are regular on the Moriel Regular Teaching and Feeding Program feeding the children daily.

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Moriel in Japan

Moriel Japan

This fund is to help Moriel Japan in their pastoral and ministry needs.


About Japan:

Japan is a high tech society with major struggles with its economy, neighbors and an aging population. It is a picturesque land full of quaint fields, valleys and traditional villages lying just outside some of the world’s largest cities. The Japanese culture is superficially open to the outside world, yet remains highly insular in many ways. On the whole, it is a peaceful society which emphasizes outward order and frowns upon trouble making of any description.

Buddhism and Shinto are the main religions here. They both have shaped the culture and thinking of the population. Shinto superstition and Buddhist disassociation from the world keep most Japanese largely content to live in their own private world without the need to question whether their ideas or ways are right or wrong. Japan has been highly resistant to the absolute claims of Jesus and the bible. In fact the most common response when trying to share our faith with people here is

  • “I’m Buddhist” (= I couldn’t possibly consider what you are saying)”
  • “It is scary” (although puzzling to me at first, Asia has so many cults that people fear any contact with religion at all) and
  • “It is too difficult” (= There is no need to think seriously about anything outside our own circle)”.

Of course by God’s grace, the gospel has reached many here in the past and still continues to reach those who listen to their consciences. Though less than one percent of the population, there are still Christians and churches scattered throughout the county.

Japan has been seriously shaken of late through continual natural disasters and the threat of trouble with China and Korea. It is our prayer that through these shakings, some will look for answers and receive the truth with joy. Finally, the influence of the culture upon the church is limiting. Sharing the gospel by its very nature causes trouble. This is hard for believers here. Few Christians actively share their faith with friends of strangers. The society tends to be based upon the circle. If you are not in the circle people have little trust in you. We continually pray for wisdom concerning how much ‘circle building’ is necessary for sharing our faith, and how much of it is wasting time. This is a serious question for evangelism in Japan.

Please pray for:

  • The Lord's name is Glorified in Japan and for revival.
  • Boldness for Japanese believers to share their faith, which is particularly difficult in this society.




Thailand Missions

Scott and Penkhae Noble live in Chiang Mai Thailand.  Khae was saved out of Buddhism at the age of 28 and her Dad was saved at the age of 69.  Her Mom and brother are not saved yet.  Scott and Khae share the gospel in a mostly Buddhist context through prison outreach, an English class for children, Bible studies for college students, street ministry, camps, visiting their neighbors to talk with them and pray for them, and research articles. 

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Mission Activities in South Africa


The name of this ministry is derived from a Hebrew word that describes someone who is so desperate and in need that the only way up is if someone reaches down and grabs a hand and lifts them up. Our saviour did this with every believer, entering time and space to rescue us from our sin. Our inspiration comes from Psalm 68: 5-6b:

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Soldiers pray at the Western Wall

Jerusalem Outreach Fund

A ministry supported by the Jerusalem Fund is for outreach in Israel. If you would like to make a contribution to this ministry, please designate a donation through your local branch of Moriel Ministries.

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