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Dear believers in grace,

We wish you all a blessed New Year in the Saviour of the world!
Teaching at an Elementary School
The first week and a half of December we went to another province to help teach at a Christian school.  Most of the parents and students are not Christians so it was a good opportunity to share the gospel.  I taught English to 1st-5th graders.  The 4th and 5th graders were pretty good, but it was challenging to teach the 1st-3rd graders.  There are few foreigners in that province so the children enjoyed seeing a foreigner and I got to hand out many tracts and also share Bible lessons at the flag pole and at chapel one day.  Micah got to join the nursery school for 3 days until he got some kind of a stomach bug.  He enjoyed learning very much and according to Khae was the most enthusiastic student in the class.
Women’s Prison
We came back to Chiang Mai in time to have a Christmas worship service at the Women’s Prison.  We’re still teaching them from the book of Revelation.  The massage class there is also going well—still a big group of about 80 students.
Christmas Party
We had a Christmas party for our students and invited their parents also.  I also invited my adult students.  About 20 people came.  We sang some Christmas songs and then Khae shared the gospel through the Christmas story and we gave everyone either a gospel of John in the Shan language or some Thai gospel books.  Here are a couple of pictures from that.
John’s Signature Words
A couple months ago Khae read a book by a Thai Lutheran pastor who (following in Martin Luther’s footsteps) doubted that John wrote the book of Revelation or if it even should be in our Bible.  I did a very interesting word study on this comparing the gospel of John, I-III John, and the book of Revelation.  I think the results are beyond any coincidence.  The book of Revelation not only has the “fingerprints” of John all over it, but the author also has such a rich knowledge of the Old Testament woven into the book (by divine inspiration)-- it is unmistakably God breathed.  I’m attaching a short paper on that here.
Peace in Christ, Scott, Khae, and Micahberekiah.

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by Scott Noble 
Moriel Thailand 
July 7, 2014

Famous hymn writer Isaac Watts also wrote a book about Logic.  In this book he said, "The power of reasoning was given us by our Maker, for this very end, to pursue truth; and we abuse one of his richest gifts, if we basely yield up to be led astray by any of the meaner powers of nature, or the perishing interests of this life.  Reason itself, if honestly obeyed, will lead us to receive the divine revelation of the gospel, where it is duly proposed, and this will show us the path to life everlasting."  (Watts, 325)

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Saturday, 14 December 2013 06:56

A Historical Analysis of Mysticism: Part II

Catholic and Buddhist Spirituality in the Context of the 16th through 21st Centuries

by Scott Noble
nov 9, 2013

Many predators use camouflage to sneak up on unsuspecting prey. The Arctic Owl, in addition to being an extremely silent flier, has white feathers to blend in with its snowy surroundings. If it were a noisy flier with neon orange feathers, it would have a hard time sinking its talons into a potential meal. The doctrines of demons are often camouflaged as well, so as to hide the potential danger from their target audience. "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (I Peter 5:8)

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by Scott Noble 
Dec 13, 2013
Updated Dec.31, 2013

Madame Guyon (AD 1648-1717), whose books are riddled with shallow, jagged rocks, capable of shipwrecking the unwary traveler, was endorsed, to one degree or another, by many respected leaders of the past, such as Count Zinzendorf, John Wesley, Adoniram Judson, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, Watchman Nee, and others. How could all of these men possibly be wrong? That's really not the right question, since only the Bible is our infallible guide. In our own day and age, many evangelical leaders endorse the life of "Mother" Teresa, in spite of the fact that many of her mystical practices and doctrinal statements undermine biblical beliefs and spirituality. Helping the poor is a great thing, but that can be done biblically, while also helping the poor to come to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, not just giving a temporary fix which leaves the person ignorant of the gospel.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 15:18

New Japanese Sermon Added

Please click here for a Japanese translation of "Japanese Buddhism" by Scott Noble.

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Dear believers in grace,

Children's Class at the Tin Shack Village

Last month we continued teaching at the tin shack village three times a week. Every third day is a test day. Maybe you've never seen children who are so eager to take a test! That's because we give them rewards for each correct answer, such as pens, balloons, and snacks. Each time we pray before class and teach them the Bible also. Our youngest student is 5 years old and the oldest is 12 years old. I'm attaching a video of the 5 year old here saying her ABCs. Her two older siblings are also in our class and she does a pretty good job keeping up with them and with the other older children.

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Sunday, 01 September 2013 01:28

Moriel Thailand Missions Report September 2013

Dear believers in grace,

Last month we had a young Japanese lady come to stay with us for about 5 days.  She's the granddaughter of a friend of ours.  Her parents wanted to give her a chance to improve her English during her school break, and they were OK with us sharing with her from the Bible, too.  She's never been to church and did not know much about the Bible, but we gave her a New Testament in English and Japanese and also had a chance to bring her with us to a worship service (at Paul's house, with our Shan students), and take her to the park for preaching the gospel there.  She also came with us to the women's prison and helped to teach them some Japanese.  Here are a few pictures from our time with our Japanese guests.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013 23:42

Moriel Japan April 2013

Dear believers in grace,

We just got back to Thailand two days ago.  I'll try to give a summary of our trip to Japan here.  In 27 days we stayed in over 10 different cities...

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 11:11

Moriel Japan March 19, 2013

Dear believers in grace,

Opposition When We Take a Stand

There's a Bible school here that has a 3 week course for people from various countries.  This year Champ decided to attend.  After deciding, one of his friends from Bangkok offered him a job with a good salary, but he had to start right away.  Champ had been looking for a job and this would have been a good one, but he turned it down because of his commitment to go to the Bible school.  His friend called a couple times more and it was a big temptation for Champ but he stuck with his decision to go to the Bible school.  Now he has been really blessed in attending this school and was also a blessing to others.

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Monday, 21 January 2013 14:10

A Historical Analysis of Mysticism: Part I

Catholic and Buddhist Spirituality in the Context of the 12th and 13th Centuries

by Scott Noble (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
January 12, 2013

Every Christian knows that prayer is an important part of the Christian walk.  But, not all Christians have experienced a fulfilling prayer life.  Whether it be a lack of time, a wandering mind, or other obstacles, many Christians are sustained on just the "minimum" amount of prayer.  Addressing this need, but not in a biblical way, are the Catholic mystics now promoted by the emergent church and others even within "Bible-believing" churches.  Counterfeit spirituality is not a new thing.  Jesus said, "...the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth..." (John 4:23).  Anything that offers something "exciting" and "innovative," at the expense of truth is not something that leads to being a "true worshipper." 

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