The Daniel Project

"In an age where evangelism has become so difficult in the developed world we must recall the instruction of Jesus to "Preach The Gospel of The Kingdom"

—that is using eschatology and end time prophecy to engage in evangelistic dialogue, to proclaim the urgency of the need for salvation in the face of a returning Christ amidst a fast coming global cataclysm with the Middle East at its epicenter.

"This flies in the face of Kingdom Now theology with its latter day rain nonsense, and confronts the false and dangerous teachings of Rick Warren to reject the commands of Jesus to "be alert" for these signs—and it also counters the false doctrines of Replacement Theology propounded by such false teachers as John Stott and John Piper. In an age of ecumenical and emergent apostasy, the faithful Church must rally to the instructions of Jesus and preach the true Gospel in the face of His coming return and in light of the prophetic events encapsulated in Scripture, no place more than in the Book of Daniel from where most of the prophetic predictions of he Book of Revelation originate.

"The Daniel Project is a secular film production with a scriptural message, focus and theme which can reach non-believers in a post-modern world. A companion book will be published soon, but the producers have made available a special edition DVD set which is an effective tool for house groups, church groups and one-to-one dialogue. Even non-believers want to know the future. In an age of political, economic, strategic and environmental uncertainty, people sense something is happening and want answers; we have them. Bible codes and Da Vinci Codes are but fiction; the Book of Daniel, however, is true. Conspiracy theories are borderline lunacy while the Book of Daniel is cogent, plausible and coherent.

"I have prayed about such a project for years, and when the producers approached me I knew it was indeed God's time. Remember, this is a secular product and a secular production which takes the message into the secular world via the secular market. We would urge all who seek the salvation of the lost and who look to the return of Jesus to obtain a copy of the DVD and the soon to be published companion book for their benefit

"Time is getting short, and the time to raise our voices is now." Jacob Prasch

Further Information: The Daniel Project documentary film made for TV and cinema is also available as a special edition boxed DVD set featuring Jacob Prasch, Dr. Siam Bhayro, Doug Harris, Rabbi Glick and others. The special Bonus DVD includes an interview with Jacob Prasch explaining "The Way of Escape" which is especially crucial viewing for non-believers.

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This documentary simply presents the facts and leaves the viewer to make up his or her own mind.