Seduction of the Hebrew Root Movement Part 2 of 2

by Lance Lambert

Another way in which Satan is attempting to corrupt the Hebrew Root Movement into a vehicle for undermining the authority of scripture is through Lance Lambert's claims that New Testament doctrine no longer always means for to-day what it meant when it was written. In a tape rubbishing Jewish evangelism, Lambert argues that the history of anti-Semitism means that we do not need to preach the gospel to the Jews.

The Bible states that God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He also suggests that the biblical teaching that there is no other Name under heaven by which someone may be saved

than the Name of Jesus may not apply to Jews who perished in the holocaust while rejecting Him. This is heretical.

Direct revelation?

Mr. Lambert falsely claims that most Jews being saved are being saved by direct revelation and not witnessing. This is of course manifestly untrue.

Moriel [in the UK] distributes four books with the testimonies of Jews who believe in Yeshua, and while there are rare cases where Jews are saved by direct revelation alone, not one of the testimonies in any of these four books has a Jew being saved through a vision or appearance of

Jesus or anything of the sort. If what Lambert said was true, the majority of these Messianic Jews would have been saved by direct revelation and not witnessing or preaching or evangelism.

In fact, their testimonies instead show that they were all saved in exact accordance with what the Word of God says about preaching the gospel to the Jews "with no preacher how shall they hear?" (Romans 10:14).

Lambert's tape was first put out 15 years ago, at the time that brave young Israelis first began taking to the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, tracts in hand. I recall the first evangelistic campaign in 1985 in Tel Aviv. Prayer, wisdom, and sensitivity are required in witnessing to Jews and we may debate method and questions as to "how", but not "if".

"We Jews"?

More strikingly, Lambert, speaking against this Jewish evangelism to mainly non-Jews, says "We Jews".

One only wonders who issued Mr. Lambert the credentials to deride what young Jewish Israeli believers in Yeshua were doing to see Yeshua become an issue among His own people in His own land. In fact, Lance Lambert did not even grow up in the Jewish faith, but is the product of assimilation. As far as anyone knows he does not attend a local indigenous Israeli Hebrew language fellow-ship, and for all the time he has lived in Israel has never apparently even learned the Hebrew language.

Yet he sets himself up the spokesman to the Gentile Church on the subject of Jewish Evangelism by saying "We Jews". What about the other Jews who fight in Israel's wars, the ex-refuseniks (like my wife), who grew up as Orthodox Jews and who disagree with him?

I knew a Jewish holocaust survivor named Gershom in Haifa. His wife and five children were all murdered in the holocaust. For forty years he carried a pain in his soul that even time itself could not heal.

The only thing that took that ceaseless tormenting grief away was a saving knowledge of his Messiah Yeshua, who was also a Man of sorrows acquainted with grief.

I can only thank the Lord that the Gentile evangelists who witnessed to Gershom and led him to His Messiah before he died were not discouraged from Jewish evangelism by Lance Lambert.

Lance Lambert's exegesis of Romans 11 was the most preposterous exposition of that text I have ever heard. It was pure eisegesis.

Yet, until this tape resurfaced, I had never once had an occasion to criticize him if others were blessed by his minis-try. At least he opposed anti-Semitism and replacement theology.

But once Mr. Lambert propounded heretical views, attacking the evangelizing of Jews, we have no choice but to take a stand.

Altering eternal truth

The real problem is not that Lambert discourages Jewish evangelism, nor his suggestion that because of Christian anti-Semitism, Jews who died without Jesus might escape eternal damnation without faith in Him.

The real problem is Lance Lambert's argument that Scripture no longer doctrinally means what it says in every con-text. The idea that history and the cultural changes it evokes alters eternal truth is a lie of the devil.

This is the same argument of homosexual clergy, Christian feminists, liberal theologians, and also Lance Lambert. God's Word is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change, and neither does His Word.

Lance Lambert plays the same card, saying we must sacrifice some of the bible's original meaning to accommodate those not wishing to evangelize Jews. It is all the same tactic, the same devil, and the same lie.

The true and the false festal prophetic paradigm

A further area of Satanic corruption of the Hebrew Root Movement is the contextual corruption and replacementist approach to the Hebrew Feasts.

Such corruption of valid Hebrew root material causes others to dismiss all Hebrew Root material. The proverbial baby is thrown out with the bath water, forgetting that Satan only counterfeits things that are real and only corrupts things worth corrupting. Reacting to one error by falling into another is unwise.

Among the first to corrupt the eschatological illustrations of the Hebrew Festal material was 'Manifest Sons' preacher George Warnock, whose distortion of the Feast of Tabernacles accounts set a precedent.

In ancient Israel, Tabernacles (which speaks of the giving of the Holy Spirit in the first instance, and the establishment of the millennium, as in Zechariah 14, in the second instance) occurred during the Year of Jubilee.

In this avenue of Satan's seductions of the Hebrew Root Movement, such ideas become linked to the Year 2,000 celebrations, and the Ecumenical objectives of Pope John Paul II for the year 2,000.

Pope Peter?

This could become particularly problematic if the Cardinal of Paris, Jean Marie Lustigere, an ethnic Jew, becomes the next pope.

The papacy, by biblical definition, is an anti-Christ institution claiming that the authority of Christ is vicariously imputed to a man.

Additionally, there are arguments that one of the two beasts of Revelation chapter 13 must be an ethnic Jew.

Romans 11 and Revelation 7 imply that Jews will come into prominence and leadership as believers in Jesus in the Last Days. Satan, of course, must have his counterfeit!

We do not say that Lustigere is the ultimate Antichrist or False Prophet, al-though as pope he would certainly be both an antichrist and a false prophet. He is certainly a man to watch closely.

If Lustigere becomes pope, we should not be surprised if he takes the name "Peter," because the first Jewish "pope," in erroneous Roman Catholic thinking, was named Peter.

Embracing a Jewish 'Pope'

Without doubt, the lunatic fringe of the Messianic Movement and the lunatic fringe of Christian Zionism would be enthralled that the Pope were (in their warped mentality) a Jewish 'believer,'

without any consideration of the heretical essence, false gospel, and anti-Semitic of the Roman system.

And why wouldn't they? People already paired with the likes of Morris Cerullo are capable of anything. They have al-ready demonstrated that they have very little, if any, discernment or doctrinal grounding in Scripture, and even less in the way of scruples.

Pat Robinson (who once held up the distorted International Christian Embassy's Feast of Tabernacles as a model of Jubilee and who signed Chuck Colson's acceptance of Roman Catholicism and has adopted dominionist ideas) is a similar proponent of this 'Man Child/Latter Day Rain' corruption of Jubilee.

It is not surprising that Christian Embassy leaders, such as Jim Schutz, went to Toronto on a pilgrimage and into Toronto Experience, just as the Christian Embassy are involved with the neognostic hyper faith prosperity money preachers like Ulf Eckmann and Morris Cerullo (who was featured speaker at the Feast of Tabernacles).

The Second Coming?

The papacy proclaims the year 2000 as a 'Second Advent of Christ' type. While Manifest Sons advocates like Jay Gary see it as a manifestation of 'the Corporate Christ' event.

We do not suggest that all of these men are willful deceivers (though some certainly are), but many are undiscerning and doctrinally ignorant who are deceived themselves.

This hotchpotch of Pat Robertson, the Vatican, the Manifest Sons crowd and the International Christian Embassy, is paving the way for the great apostasia (falling away) of Thessalonians.

The antichrist implications of this net-work of deception are clear. The underlying deception of Kingdom Now theology is not only the wrong view that the church will triumphantly establish

dominion over the world for Christ prior to His return, but that "Christ re-turns to the church through the birth of the Manifest Sons/Manchild of the Latter Rain" before He returns for the church. It was precisely of this that Jesus warned us to beware (Matthew 24:23-27).

Yet the linchpin of the trap is becoming Satan's corruption of the Hebrew Root Movement, in this instance through an at-tempt to malign the eschatological and prophetic meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles and Jubilee.

Satan knows the centrality of Israel and the Jews to the return of Christ, and he is aware of the need for the church to grasp these concepts in order to be properly pre-pared for the Last Days.

So it is, predictably, here that he injects his subtle toxins of seduction. Probably few of the people involved have any clue that the typology of the Feast of Tabernacles has no relation to the kind of Manifest Sons rubbish being popularly trumpeted.

Charismatic Anglican clergy were mainly educated in literary criticism and not doctrine. Like most charismatics they have had little biblical teaching, so they accept words by proven false prophets like Paul Cain are the 'Word of the Lord.' Most people caught up in the errors of the Restoration Movement, the March For Jesus, Alpha Course, Ecumenism, Promise Keepers or other Manifest Sons related deceptions have no idea that the basis of such things is unscriptural.

Last days' deception

Those not knowing their Bibles in the Last Days really do not know their Lord. They will be deceived. The same is true of the extreme axis of the Messianic Movement.

We are distraught over the manner in which Satan has infiltrated the Hebrew Root Movement. Yet, when God moves, we must expect the Wicked One to react. When heretics tried to seduce the early Jewish Church, Rabbi Shaul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) rose up and defended the unchanging truth of God's Word. When hyper-Messianic extremists arose in Galatia, Paul called it "witch-craft." When charismaniacs ran wild in Corinth, Paul did not use his Jewish identity to give them credibility.

The doctrinal authority God gave through Paul still exists in Paul's writings. Paul's understanding of the future prophetic relationship between Israel and the Church still exists. We can still use Paul's writings to sort out the true from the false.

There seem to be few today with the courage and integrity of Paul, people who refuse to be man pleasers when the authority of the Word of God is at stake in these last days.

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